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Circle of 6 App Helps Prevent Abuse and Assault

Circleof6app Nearly 1 in 5 young women report assault while in college, and recent studies have found that even earlier, 10-30 percent of teens report being physically hurt by a boyfriend or girlfriend. The Circle of 6 App for iPhone and Android evolved from candid conversations with students across the country on how consent, dating culture, and rape affect their lives and what strategies are effective for preventing violence. With only two taps, Circle of 6 connects users threatened with possible sexual assault and abuse to a network of trusted friends, using GPS technology, anti-violence hotlines, online resources, and a commitment to support each other: “I won’t let violence happen in my circle.”

Vice President Biden said, “Thanks to the creativity and vision of these developers, young men and women now have a new line of defense against violence in their lives.” Circle of 6 was the winner of the White House “Apps Against Abuse” Technology challenge launched by Vice President Joe Biden and HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius.

“‘Back to school’ doesn’t have to mean ‘back to rape’,” said Nancy Schwartzman, Circle of 6 co-creator and Executive Director of The Line Campaign, Inc. “Incoming first year students can be especially vulnerable. If Circle of 6 can increase support and help prevent violence, we’re doing our job.”

Circle of 6 team includes mobile and women’s health expert Deb Levine (isis-inc.org), filmmaker and violence prevention specialist Nancy Schwartzman (whereisyourline.org), MIT-trained app developer Christine Corbett Moran, and award-winning Creative Director Thomas Cabus. Circle of 6 has been funded by the Motorola Mobility Foundation and Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, in addition to private donations.

Free iPhone and Playstore downloads are available at circleof6app.com, plus more resources and a video preview.