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Futures Without Violence Launches RESPECT! Challenge

RESPECT!To kick-off an online campaign and contest called The Respect Challenge, the national nonprofit Futures Without Violence has produced a PSA that features top celebrities expressing their gratitude to a person who taught them a valuable life lesson - a lesson in Respect. The PSA, a key ingredient in the national Facebook campaign features responses from such VIP talent as Nicole Kidman, Ed Harris, Julianne Moore, Gabrielle Union, America Ferrera, Joe Torre, and Willie Mays. The PSA is available on Facebook, futureswithoutviolence.org, giverespect.org and YouTube.

The interactive Facebook campaign provides an opportunity for the public to write an online thank you note, or post a thank you video about the person who taught them Respect. Two lucky entrants will earn a donation of $10,000 to a school or nonprofit organization of their choice, as well as a VIP trip to New York City to attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. After the initial entry period (September 10 – October 12), fans will be invited to vote on 10 finalists who have submitted a compelling written note or a video.

About the RESPECT! Campaign: RESPECT! is a social action campaign to raise awareness and engage individuals from all walks of life in positive solutions to end and prevent violence. The RESPECT! Campaign is an initiative of Futures Without Violence, and Macy’s is the Founding National Partner.

For more information, visit giverespect.org.