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We do much more than just encouraging your child to eat broccoli.

At Kaiser Permanente when we talk about total health, we are definitely talking about eating healthier – including eating your broccoli. But it’s also much more than that. Total health is about the mind, body and spirit – for the individual and their community. Our programs touch on some critical issues from bullying to puberty and grief to HIV prevention. We do this by working with teams of health professionals, educators, parents and community advisory groups who, as experts in their fields, help us create and update our programs that meet the needs of the entire community.


Healthy eating and active play

“Professor Bodywise’s Traveling Menagerie,” “The Amazing Food Detective,” “Health Team 4,” “Teens Take it On,” “Zip’s Great Day,” “The Best Me,” “From the Label to the Table,” “MPOWR,”Give Peas a Chance,” “Healthy Choices,” “The Corner Store.”


“Nightmare on Puberty St.”

Self image

“What do you see?”


“Drummin’ Up Peace” “CareActors”

Peer Pressure/Bullying

“Someone Like Me,” “The Pressure Point,” “Nightmare on Puberty St.,” “PEACE Signs,” “Zip’s Great Day,” “What would you do?,” “1 ½,” “MPOWR,” “The R-Files”

Leadership and Positive Decision Making

“If,” “The Pressure Point,”  “MPOWR”           

Conflict management

“Choose Your Life,” “PEACE. Signs,” “Drummin’ Up Peace,” “What Would You do?,” “The Pressure Point”

Grief and loss

“Uncle Gherkins Magical Show,” “Fragments: Impressions of Grief,” “PEACE Signs”

Sexually transmitted diseases

“What Goes Around,” “Secrets”

Media Literacy/Cyber Bullying

“Texting the Sun”

Childhood Obesity

“1 ½,” “Give Peas a Chance”

HIV prevention


Suicide prevention

“Intersections,” “Nightmare on Puberty St.” “Someone Like Me”

Literacy awareness

“Jamie in the World of Red the Reading Pirate,” “Jay and E and the ZigZag Sea,” “1 ½,” “Zip’s Great Day,” “The World of Words”

Tobacco abuse (substance abuse)

“Zip’s Great Day”

Domestic violence

“PEACE Signs”


“Nightmare on Puberty St.”


“Acting on Stress”


“Mumferd’s Safety Tales”


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