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Kaiser Considers Technology to Care For Patients at Home

East Bay Business Times, August 31, 2007

Smart "Band-Aids" that monitor your blood sugar level throughout the day. Pacemakers imbedded with chips that alert your doctor if your heart rate goes out of whack. Technologies that let you talk to your physician via your home television set. Right now, they're just toys that lucky researchers think about - and sometimes get to play with - at Kaiser Permanente's year-old Sidney R. Garfield Center for Healthcare Innovation......

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Where Ideas Come to Life

Inside KP: Northern California Portal, May 2007

Paul Feigenbaum, MD, put on glasses, ear plugs, and gloves with weights and crawled into a hospital bed. For a few moments, those props impaired his sight, hearing, and sense of touch so he felt what it was like to be an elderly patient. The insight and empathy he and the other participants gained from the exercise could help change how KP cares for this population. Dr. Feigenbaum is part of the KP Aging Network, a group of leaders from across the program who work toward solving common issues elderly members face.
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Kaiser Experimenting on Hospitals of the Future

San Francisco Business Times, May 4, 2007

Jennifer Ruzek appears on a telepresence system for outpatients. Photo credit: Spencer BrownKaiser Permanente is testing its future in a nondescript San Leandro office park. Its Sidney R. Garfield Health Care Innovation Center, named after Kaiser's founding physician, opened last summer and functions as a laboratory for experimenting with new design elements, technologies and approaches.
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How Patient Care Works, Providing Nurses with the Stations They Need

Medical Construction & Design, November/December 2006 p. 59
New Steel Case Inpatient

For the past two years, researchers at Nurture by Steelcase have focused their efforts on understanding how patient care is delivered, and how to best accommodate the people delivering that care.
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How Hospital Design Saves Lives

Business Week, August 15, 2006
News Operating Room

Design changes can cut infection rates, lower physician errors, improve staff performance, and make all the difference in delivering care.
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Managing Hospital Construction Projects

Facilitiesnet.com, July 2006

The facility in Anaheim has served its purpose so well that it is being replaced by a new and updated one, Kaiser's Garfield Center for Health Care Innovation in San Leandro, Calif. In addition to serving as a design experimentation lab, the new space will be used by medical staff members to stage mock emergencies.
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