Imagining the Future of Health Care

We inspire people across all regions of Kaiser Permanente to imagine the future of health care and give them tools to create it.


Innovation at Kaiser Permanente begins with an idea about how we might improve care and create better experiences for our members, clinicians and employees.


Teams start the process by making sure they are solving the right problem. To do this they conduct field research, observe the systems and user needs, and assess current and emerging technologies.


Once the problem and opportunities for change have been identified, Garfield Innovation Center is the ideal space to try out new ideas. Teams explore possibilities while participating in hands-on activities such as simulations, technology testing, prototyping, and product evaluations.


After thorough testing in a safe environment, successful initiatives undergo final refinement at Kaiser Permanente medical centers, offices, and clinics across the nation.


These innovations ultimately improve our members' quality of care, while saving time, money, and even lives.



How We Get Results

The key ways the Garfield Innovation Center supports the development of new solutions:


  • Teams learn by doing -- our process and coaching push innovators to leave their comfort zones and get hands-on to try out ideas
  • We bring together collaborative teams from all disciplines - engineers, architects, technologists, physicians, nurses and even members - to ensure solutions make sense across the whole system
  • Our center offers a unique, simulated care delivery environment for safe testing of new technologies, processes and facilities.



Creating Value for Kaiser Permanente

Our work plays an integral part in making Kaiser Permanente a leader in Total Health and building innovation capability in all regions:


  • Kaiser Permanente saves lives and money by testing ideas in a safe environment before deploying
  • The people of Kaiser Permanente are inspired to try out ideas quickly to get results faster
  • Regions gain the tools and resources they need to innovate locally
  • Solutions are realized so they can become operational and create value for our organization
  • Innovations help us fulfill our mission to improve the health of our members and the communities we serve




Open Monday to Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Activities and tours by appointment only



Kaiser Permanente Employees:






Garfield Innovation Center appreciates your interest in testing products or equipment in our non-clinical simulated environment; however, we do not deal with vendors directly. Please see below for contact information.


Information Technology

New information technology is evaluated at the Center by IT's Innovation and Advanced Technology group.

SUBMIT: this survey to present your technology for consideration.


Medical Equipment and Supplies

Vendors interested in testing these items may contact the Kaiser Permanente National Products Council at Ask.PS@kp.org.



Pharmaceutical products are not tested at the Garfield Innovation Center.


The most exciting aspect of the Garfield Innovation Center is that it connects the groups who need to work collaboratively to develop technologies and facilities. It's always a challenge in health care to break out of our silos and the Garfield Innovation Center provides an exciting physical space that energizes our staff to work collaboratively on innovations which will provide our members with the best care.

-- Jennifer Liebermann, Garfield Innovation Center Director



Virtual Tour

Everyone knows the saying about a picture being worth a thousand words. Well, our interactive virtual tour is practically an encyclopedia of all things Garfield Innovation Center. Not only can you navigate to view all the diverse areas under our roof, you can hear from our experts on the functions and goals for each of our areas.


And if that's not enough, we've shared a deeper dive video about why the Center was built, its value to Kaiser Permanente, and the creative work that happens here. Meet actual project teams who share their in-depth stories. See how it all comes together.






While our Center's not open to the public, there are limited opportunities for visiting on a tour.


In-Person Tours for Kaiser Permanente Employees
Check for available tour dates and times. Space is limited. Reservations are required.

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In-Person Tours for External Visitors
Free one-hour tours are offered monthly. Space is limited. Reservations are required. Tours requested for dates or times not shown may be available on a limited basis for fees starting at $4,000. For more information, please submit a request form.







Building a Better Flu Prevention Delivery System
Kaiser Permanente inside KP, Fall, 2015

Utilizing the Garfield Innovation Center,

perfromance and improvement experts collaborated with KP innovation and technology groups to develop new work flows and test new technology related to flu clinics.

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A Legacy of Innovation
Kaiser Permanente History, Fall, 2015

The Sidney R. Garfield Innovation Center in San Leandro California provides Kaiser Permanente staff a place where they can envision the future of health and are empowered to create it.

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Designing the Future of Health Care
CCA Glance Magazine, Spring, 2015

The medical industry is constantly updating it's practices as innovators find ways to improve efficiency and effectiveness of services for both providers and clients.

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Can TV Be Good for You?
Inside KP NCal, March 25, 2015

Members are happier, better informed and have lower readmissions with an Interactive Patient Care system available at newer medical centers.

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The Future of Medicine at the Garfield Center
FastCompany, March 4, 2015

If you don't normally think of Kaiser Permanente as a bastion of innovation, try these three words on for size: simulated robot childbirth. The hospital is fake. But the creative ideas for how to make health care better are very, very real. In this week's episode of Innovation Undercover, pay a visit to Kaiser

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Seeing the Doctor of the Future
HP Matter: The Healthcare Issue, January, 2015

Kaiser Permanente and other companies are applying everything from telehealth to monitoring to mobile clinics to reimagine the conventional doctor's appointment.

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Bringing the Customer's Voice into Medicine
Harvard Business Review, November 24, 2014

The avatars in the interactive videos include a young Latino couple going through their first pregnancy and a diabetes diagnosis, and a biracial Medicare couple dealing with early dementia.

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Playing Make Believe is Serious Business for Students
Inside KP NCal, July 18, 2014

More than 130 Bay Area middle- and high-school students got a taste of life as a clinician during a day of role-playing at Kaiser Permanente’s Garfield Innovation Center.

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Checklists that Save Lives? Check.
Inside KP, June 11, 2014

In stressful OR emergencies (such as patients suffering a heart attack or equipment bursting into flames), lives can be saved and complications minimized simply by using a checklist with emergency protocols.

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Inside the Operating Room of the Future, Where Doctors Use Google Glass
Fast Company, fastcoexist.com, May 28, 2014

A peek inside a testing ground that shows how technologies could make surgeons and nurses work together more effectively in a health crisis situation--complete with a patient who catches fire.
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Empowering Business & Social Impact: Health Care Futurist
BerkeleyHaas Magazine, Spring, 2014

Jennifer Liebermann literally created the job of her dreams: mapping out the future of health care for one of the nation's biggest and most innovative providers.
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Surgical Team Uses Tech Checklist to Save Lives
CCTV-America, May 9, 2014

A recent study found that surgical teams using a checklist were able to cut their infection rate from 4 percent to zero, saving 1,500 lives. Kaiser Permanente's Garfield Innovation Center is holding its first ever simulation to marry new technology with checklist procedures during crisis in the operating room.
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Carpenters Help Make Kaiser Innovation Center Pay Off For Patients
The Northern California Carpenter, May, 2014

What's the most effective way of arranging an operating room? This and many other questions are asked and answered every day at the Kaiser Permanente Garfield Innovation Center, where Kaiser staff, with the help of carpenters and other union trades workers, get to try new ideas, make mistakes and fix them before applying them at health care facilities across the country.
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Why Kaiser is Betting Big on a Fake Hospital
OZY.com, April 18, 2014

When you arrive at Kaiser Permanente's Garfield Innovation Center, you're not expecting much. But once you walk in, you suddenly, unexpectedly, find yourself in a hospital.
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Peer Advice: Imagining Care Anywhere
LMPartnership, April 2, 2014

The Imagining Care Anywhere exhibit, created by Kaiser Permanente's Innovation and Advanced Technology team and the Garfield Innovation Center, illustrates how current and emerging technology makes it possible to bring health care directly to a patient's home. Dan Weberg discusses how technology may change care delivery.
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KP Discharge App is Early Step in Future Care Vision
MobiHealthNews, February 25, 2014

Three new Kaiser Permanente hospitals will be opening soon in California and will roll out the Journey Home Board. Its the latest technology to come out of Kaiser's Imagining Care Anywhere program.
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Jennifer Liebermann
Jennifer Liebermann

Jennifer has been involved with the Garfield Innovation Center since January 2005, when several Kaiser Permanente leaders asked the question, "How might we create a 'Unit of the Future' at Kaiser Permanente where we can test how new technologies impact our front line staff?" Jennifer led the cross-functional team to develop, fund, and launch what is now the Garfield Innovation Center, with a multidisciplinary focus that also includes testing Kaiser Permanente's new facility designs.

Jennifer joined Patient Care Services at Kaiser Permanente in 2004 from AdvancePCS where she was the Product Launch Manager for the iScribe electronic handheld prescribing device. She has held a variety of positions within the health care industry, including Blue Shield of California, the UCSF Center for the Health Professions, Montgomery Securities, and a career rejuvenation stint as a children's ski instructor at Squaw Valley, USA in 2001. Teaching four-year-olds on skis gave her the ability to deal with trying moments during construction of the Garfield Innovation Center.

Jennifer was an Edgar Kaiser scholar at the University of California, Berkeley, where she received an MBA from the Haas School of Business, as well as an MPH from the School of Public Health. At home, she enjoys making beaded jewelry, experimenting with different concentrations of Miracle-Gro on her geraniums, and competing in masters swimming.

Sherry Fry
Sherry Fry
Business Support Manager

Sherry oversees the operations of the Garfield Innovation Center. She joined Kaiser Permanente when the Center first opened in June 2006. She partners closely with Kaiser Permanente employees, physicians, project teams, and external organizations to help them plan and prepare for their innovation activities at the Center. Innovation work can be diverse and change at a moment's notice, based on what is being tested, simulated, or discovered. Sherry enables Kaiser Permanente innovation teams to nimbly respond to changing needs, so they can optimally leverage the Center's capabilities.

Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente, Sherry spent 18 years as president of Eidetics Conference Management, a firm which managed the event needs of clients such as Microsoft, AT&T, Panasonic, Autodesk, as well as many other non-profit, educational, and health care organizations. As an entrepreneur, Sherry found the need to innovate and creatively manage chaos occurred on a daily basis. Now she is delighted to support Kaiser Permanente innovation at the Center.

Sherry Fry
Trevejah Jones
Admin Assistant Scheduler

Thinking of using the Garfield Center for an innovation project? Trevejah will be your first point of contact in the process, she ensures we have availability to accommodate your request. She can answer any questions you have regarding any spaces or places in the Garfield Center. Trevejah's background in providing extensive customer service for over a decade with Marriott has equipped her to bring her passion to go the extra mile for guest to the Garfield Center.

Prior to joining the Garfield Center team, Trevejah provided program production and administration support for UCLA's Continuing Education of the Bar. This experience makes her the perfect navigator when it comes to managing complex schedules and timelines. When Trevejah is not busy doing her own party planning, or singing the latest tunes she enjoys settling in with the latest non-fiction novels or going out to visit local county fairs – deep fried watermelon, anyone?

Sherry Fry
Shelley Hoff
Event Coordinator

Shelley joined the Garfield Center team to help with event logistics.  She works with our users to ensure that all meeting set-up is complete and spaces are ready for innovation.  In addition she provides support for special center events and projects.

Shelley previously worked for California State University, Fresno as an administrative and event coordinator for a variety of grant funded programs focused on community health and wellness.  Additionally, she worked for Anthropologie as a visual display coordinator and incorporates her love of all things creative into her role.  She received a bachelor's degree in Anthropology from UC Santa Barbara and a second bachelor's degree in Interior Design from California State University, Fresno.



Tiffini Chow
Onel Feliciano
Admin Assistant Front Desk

Onel is the fresh new face you'll be seeing when you enter Garfield Center. She keeps track of who and what comes in and out of the facility, so make sure to check in with her! If you have any questions or needs during your visit, she'll gladly assist you. Onel is a recent graduate from UCLA, with a BA in Psychology. Her past administrative assistant positions for UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and Noga Klain have prepared her for this new adventure.

When she's not occupied by her adorable nephew, Onel likes catching up with her Netflix shows, cheering on the UCLA Bruins, and trying out new salted caramel dessert recipes.

Tiffini Chow
Serene Lau
Innovation Storyteller

Serene captures the action abuzz at the Garfield Center to creatively answer the question, "What happens inside KP's Innovation Center?" Serene partners closely with inter-regional and cross-functional teams to create impactful content that highlights the Center's activities and new ideas. By sharing these stories with diverse KP communities, Serene aims to inspire employees to imagine the future of healthcare – and begin bringing it to life at the Garfield Center.

Prior to joining Kaiser Permanente in 2014, Serene completed a fellowship at Rock Health, a seed-fund for healthcare startups. Serene has a background in strategy consulting in both the social impact and healthcare sectors. Previous consulting projects have ranged from examining the changing demographics in San Francisco's Tenderloin neighborhood to recommending improvements in the hospital revenue cycle for several health systems across the western United States. Serene is thrilled to bring her passion for photography into this Storyteller role. In her free time, she also enjoys learning new swing dance steps and poring over National Geographic Traveler's must-see spots. Serene holds degrees in Business Administration and Public Health from UC Berkeley.

Tiffini Chow
Christopher Falkner
Technology Innovations Manager

Let's talk "tech"! Christopher is responsible for managing the portfolio of technologies and professional service offerings that support the development of cutting edge healthcare innovations at the Garfield Center. This ever-expanding technology portfolio consists of medical devices, IT infrastructure, and facilities systems like Nurse Call, Cisco phones, and Real Time Location Systems. Christopher also works hand-in-hand with technology innovation customers, advising on the development, testing, and deployment of technology solutions across the Kaiser Permanente enterprise. In collaboration with these project teams, the Garfield Center is helping to accelerate the spread of quality-driven technology solutions in the healthcare environment.

Christopher joins the Garfield team from the KP Clinical Technology Program Office, where he managed a diverse portfolio of medical device integration projects. He also helped drive the creation of the EdgeIT Privacy & Security program for exploring medical device security improvements across the organization. Prior to coming to Kaiser Permanente, Christopher was a Clinical Engineering Project Manager for the Veterans Health Administration in Connecticut, overseeing the procurement and installation of new medical technologies. Chris is excited to join the Garfield Center as the Technology Innovations Manager, where he looks forward to taking the technology innovation portfolio and innovation strategy at KP to the next level.


The Garfield Innovation Center has been inspired by visionary leaders from our Kaiser Permanente history, many of whom who have learning laboratories named in their honor.


However, our Center and Kaiser Permanente wouldn't exist without the foresight of our namesake, Sidney R. Garfield.


Sidney R. GarfieldSidney R. Garfield, MD

Sidney R. Garfield had childhood dreams of becoming an engineer. But, at the insistence of his parents, he became a physician and, in the words of one historian, "created a whole new system for the delivery of health care."


In 1938, the young physician agreed to create the medical care program for the construction team that was building the Grand Coulee Dam. There he met industrialist Henry J. Kaiser. An enduring partnership was born, and the commitment to quality was established.

As Kaiser Permanente's founding physician, Dr. Garfield was innovative in hospital design and new technology. He engineered hospital designs which improved care delivery and enhanced the patient experience. He urged Kaiser Permanente to embrace the computer as a new tool for improving care delivery.


Garfield's vision continued to expand by considering a medical care delivery that endeavored to keep people well, in addition to providing care when ill. He pioneered a shift of thought that encouraged healthy members to maintain a healthy lifestyle -- the roots of Thrive.


We believe the Garfield Innovation Center honors Dr. Garfield's vision and Kaiser Permanente's commitment to the tradition of excellence he established in total health care.


Learn More about Sidney R. Garfield
ORDER BOOK HERE: The Story of Dr. Sidney R. Garfield: The Visionary Who Turned Sick Care into Health Care by Kaiser Permanente historian Tom Debley.









If you have scheduled an appointment for an activity, here are logistical details you may need for your visit:


The Garfield Innovation Center is located at 590 Whitney Street, San Leandro, CA 94577



The Center is a locked facility and access is granted by reservation only. Kaiser Permanente employees must wear their badges. Non-Kaiser Permanente visitors must sign in and show ID at security desk.


Recommended Clothing

The Center is housed in a warehouse-style facility. Many areas are large open spaces with concrete floors. Plan to wear layered clothing for temperature fluctuations and comfortable walking shoes.


Public Transportation

San Leandro BART is the closest station to the Garfield Innovation Center. When taking BART, we recommend scheduling a taxi for pick-up and drop-off as no shuttle service is available.



Free parking is available anywhere in the lot adjacent to our front door except in reserved stalls. If the area is full, you may park in the lot at 562 Whitney Street to the left of our facility.


CLICK HERE for map to Center.




Trevejah Jones
Admin Assistant - Scheduler



Onel Feliciano
Admin Assistant - Front Desk



Shelley Hoff
Event Coordinator



Sherry A. Fry
Business Support Manager

Serene H. Lau
Innovation Storyteller

Christopher Falkner
Technology Innovations Manager

Jennifer R. Liebermann

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