Some of Our Work.

Project Move

Project Move // 2013

Exercise as Medicine

A cross regional set of pilot behavior change solutions to support our members in increasing their physical activity levels. This set of solutions builds off of the existing Exercise as A Vital Sign program at Kaiser Permanente.

Project Move

Journey Home // 2003

Getting Home

A set of approaches including a "Journey Home Board" and supporting bedside literature and conversations that better connect both the mom and the care team in the baby's journey home from the hospital.

Project Move

KP Medrite // 2007

Sanctifying Medication Administration

KP MedRite is a three-part system that provides a safe, reliable and human-centered approach for nurses to administer medications to our patients in Kaiser Permanente hospitals.

Project Move

NKE plus // 2009

Ghost Town No Longer

NKEplus is a build on the original Nurse Knowledge Exchange that moved nursing shift changes to the bedside – improving communications between nurses and the patient to create a safer, stronger start to every shift.

Project Move

KP Painscape // 2010

Re-Thinking How We Manage Pain

KP Painscape standardizes nursing practice for managing patients’ acute pain and helping nurses coordinate during shift change to help the patient stay ahead of their pain.