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• All 9 million members have the benefit of a complete or partial KP HealthConnect record

• As of March 2010, all Kaiser Permanente medical facilities are live with KP HealthConnect

• All Kaiser Permanente adult members eligible to activate their My Health Manager personal health record (PHR)

• 3.9 million members registered to My Health Manager

• 2.5 million lab results online monthly

• 1 million emails monthly

• 827,000 prescriptions refilled online monthly

• 230,000 appointments scheduled monthly


Phil Fasano, MBA

Jed Weissberg, MD

View slideshow  Kaiser Permanente: 50 Years of Health IT Leadership
In honor of Kaiser Permanente winning 12 Stage 7 Awards from the Healthcare Information Management Systems Society, this slideshow looks at Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to using technology to enhance care — from Sidney Garfield, MD, to present day.

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Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect® Electronic Health Record

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2012 EHR Leadership

 Nearly 9 Million Kaiser Permanente Health Records Securely Available on Mobile Devices

 Care Connectivity Consortium Celebrates Milestone at 2012 Annual HIMSS Conference

 Kaiser Permanente Showcases Mobile Health Portfolio at HIMSS12

2012 EHR Awards

 Kaiser Permanente Honored for Electronic Health Record Implementation; 36 Stage 7 Awards in Total

 InformationWeek Names Kaiser Permanente IndiGO Tool Among 10 ‘Innovative’ Clinical Support Programs

 Kaiser Permanente Leads Nation in Nine Effectiveness of Care Measures for Medicare; Electronic Health Records Key Factor

2012 Research Using EHR Data

 Kaiser Permanente EHR Study Finds Continuous Health Coverage Essential for Patients Managing Diabetes

 Computer-Assisted Tools Alert Pediatricians to Obese Patients; First Large Study to Evaluate Impact of EHR on Childhood Obesity Evaluation

2011 EHR Awards
(partial list)

 HIMSS Honors Kaiser Permanente for Electronic Health Record Implementation with Davies Award

 Kaiser Permanente Honored for Electronic Health Record Implementation; 35 Stage 7 Awards in Total

 18 Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Named Leapfrog’s ‘Top Hospitals’ of 2011; Electronic Health Records Key Factor

 Kaiser Permanente Named No. 1 Green-IT Organization by Computerworld

 12 Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Named ‘Most Connected’ U.S. Hospitals

 Kaiser Permanente Health Plans Receive High Marks in ‘NCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2011–2012’ with EHR

 Kaiser Permanente’s Medicare Plan Website Recognized as a Benchmark for Excellence

 Kaiser Permanente Recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as Highest in Customer Satisfaction among Mail-Order Pharmacies for Third Consecutive Year

 Kaiser Permanente Southern California Honored with 2010 eValue8 Innovations Award through Proactive Office Encounter

 Phil Fasano Receives Health Information Technology Man of the Year Honor

 Kaiser Permanente Ranked Among Top Innovators on InformationWeek 500 List

 Kaiser Permanente Wins Four eHealthcare Leadership Awards

2011 EHR Leadership
(partial list)

 ‘Putting the ‘IT’ in Care Transitions’

 Kaiser Permanente Invites Conversations about Health with New Blog

 Kaiser Permanente Featured in Discovery Channel Health IT Documentary

 Kaiser Permanente Joins the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services on the Million Hearts Initiative

 Kaiser Permanente of the Mid-Atlantic States Helps Fund ‘Health Integration Project’ for Safety Net Clinic’s Electronic Medical Record

 Kaiser Permanente Launches Mobile App to Make Finding Care Facilities Easy and Convenient

 Health Care Innovation Summit Aims to Improve Care Through Collaboration and Innovation

 Five Leading Health Systems Create New Care Connectivity Consortium

 Unprecedented International Effort Seeks to Improve Safety of Orthopedic Devices; Kaiser Permanente EHR Registry Highlighted as Model

2011 Research Using EHR Data
(partial list)

 Raising ‘Good’ Cholesterol Levels Reduces Heart Attack and Stroke Risk in Diabetes Patients, EHR Study Shows

 Elderly Women Who Break a Hip at Increased Risk of Dying Within a Year, EHR Study Shows

 Integrated Health Care Delivery System and Electronic Health Records Support Medication Adherence

 EHR Study Finds Exposure to Magnetic Fields in Pregnancy Increases Asthma Risk

 Kaiser Permanente, UCSF Scientists Complete NIH-Funded Genomics Project Involving 100,000 People; Research Leverages EHR Data

 Health Information Technology Can Create Significant Environmental Benefits

 Mail-Order Pharmacy for New Statin Prescriptions Achieves Better Cholesterol Control in First 3–15 Months of Therapy

 Saving Lives Through Better Sepsis Care by Leveraging EHR Data

 Obese Women Less Likely to Complete Mammograms and More Likely to Report Pain with the Procedure EHR Study Finds

 EHR Study Finds that Kaiser Permanente Early Start Program Could Save United States Billions in Health Costs

2010 EHR Leadership
(partial list)

 Complete inpatient clinical record deployment; System fully deployed. (including new hospitals planned for construction).

 Kaiser Permanente Gives Away Clinical Medical Terminology to Help Others Meet U.S. Health IT Deadlines

 Book, Connected for Health Examines Kaiser Permanente’s Groundbreaking Electronic Health Record System

 Kaiser Permanente Demonstrates Success of Large-Scale Total Joint Replacement Registry

 Veterans Affairs and Kaiser Permanente Share Electronic Health Information to Improve Care for Veterans

2010 EHR Awards
(partial list)

 Kaiser Permanente Honored for Electronic Health Record Implementation; 24 Stage 7 Awards in Total

 16 Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Dominate ‘Leapfrog Top Hospitalsd’ of 2010; EHRs Key Factor

 J.D. Power and Associates Once Again Ranks Kaiser Permanente Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Mail-Order Pharmacies

 Kaiser Permanente Honored for Health Information Technology Innovation with CIO 100 Award

 Kaiser Permanente Named on Fast Company 2010 World’s Most Innovative Companies List

 Kaiser Permanente Health Plans Among Nation’s Best in ‘NCQA’s Health Insurance Plan Rankings 2010-2011 — Private’

 Kaiser Permanente Receives High Marks in 2010 J.D. Power and Associates Study

2010 Research Using EHR Data
(partial list)

 Physician Alerts Reduce Unnecessary Blood Testing in Elderly Patients

 Heart Disease Prevention Program Leverages EHR Data to Save Lives and Reduce Costs, Kaiser Permanente Study Finds

 Innovative Web-Based Tool Helps Doctors Improve Care

 Women with a History of Gestational Diabetes Have Increased Risk of Recurrence in Subsequent Pregnancies, EHR Study Finds

 Use of Health Information Technology Leads to Improved Care Quality

 Home Health Monitoring May Significantly Improve Blood Pressure Control

 Care Coordination and Electronic Medical Records Aggressively Lower Patientís Cholesterol, EHR Study Finds

 Extreme Obesity Affecting More Children at Younger Ages

 Starting Treatment Early Doubles Chance of Success for People with Diabetes

 Refusing Immunizations Increases the Risk of Varicella Illness in Children

Six Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Among “Leapfrog Top Hospitals” of 2009.
Kaiser Permanente CIO Philip Fasano Named One of Computerworld’s Top 100 IT Leaders for 2010.
Chicken Pox Vaccine Study Used Electronic Health Records to Follow 172,000 Children.
Three Denver Area Health Care Organizations Link Patient Electronic Health Records to Improve Care and Safety.
VA and Kaiser Permanente Invite Veterans to Participate in Health Record Pilot Program.
EHR Factor in Kaiser Permanente Ranking Number 1 Health Plan on ‘America’s Best Health Insurance Plans’.
KP HealthConnect Data Used in Hip Fracture Prevention Study.
Kaiser Permanente Opens New Paperless Hospital in Vacaville, Calif.
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Leverages KP HealthConnect to Lead the Nation in Breast Cancer Screening.
Kaiser Permanente Recognized by J.D. Power and Associates as Highest in Customer Satisfaction Among Mail-Order Pharmacies.
Kaiser Permanente HealthConnect’s® Collaborative Cardiac Care Service Wins 2009 Population Health Improvement Leadership Award.
Kaiser Permanente Opens New Paperless Hospital in Downey, Calif.
Kaiser Permanente Wins National Award for Technology-Supported Patient Care and Efficiency.
Kaiser Permanente Survey Shows Seniors Embrace Internet to Manage Their Health.
Kaiser Permanente Project Proves Electronic Health Information and Care Coordination Improve Chronic Disease Management.
Kaiser Permanente Opens New Paperless Medical Office on Capitol Hill.
Kaiser Permanente participates in health data exchange demonstration.
Kaiser Permanente unveils the nation’s most wired mobile health vehicle.
Three million people using Kaiser Permanente’s personal health record My Health Manager.
12 Kaiser Permanente hospitals receive HIMSS Stage 7 awards for reaching the highest level of electronic medical record implementation.
Kaiser Permanente of Colorado electronic health record-leveraging pilot reduces cardiac deaths by 73 percent.
Kaiser Permanente teams with IBM for data center operations support services.
Kaiser Permanente identifies key elements in successful health care information technology implementation.
Kaiser Permanente Opens Paperless Replacement Flagship Hospital in Los Angeles.
Kaiser Permanente Leverages KP HealthConnect to Lead the Way in California Health Plan Report Card.
Kaiser Permanente adds online health tools for chronic conditions to member site.
Kaiser Permanente Southern California completes inpatient implementation; has the most hospitals in United States with inpatient electronic health records.
Kaiser Permanente Southern California leverages KP HealthConnect electronic health record to lead the nation in breast cancer screening.
Kaiser Permanente Southern California opens new paperless medical office building.
Kaiser Permanente and U.S. Veterans Affairs preview interoperability electronic health record data exchange.
Kaiser Permanente Panorama City Hospital Further Increases Patient Safety with Medication Bar Code Scanning.
Kaiser Permanente Southern California deploys 90 self-service kiosks for optimized patient check-in and payment in sixty medical clinics.
Kaiser Permanente study shows a clear need for continued industry commitment to health IT privacy and education.
Kaiser Permanente and Microsoft join forces for an online personal health record pilot program that will allow voluntary data exchange from Kaiser Permanente's personal health record to Microsoft® HealthVault™.
Kaiser Permanente Southern California opens new paperless hospital in Irvine.
Kaiser Permanente completes implementation of outpatient electronic health record.
Northern California to complete ambulatory medical record deployment.
Two million people using Kaiser Permanente's personal health record.
Kaiser Permanente Southern California opens new paperless hospital in Panorama City.
Study Finds Personal and Web-Based Support Equal Weight Loss Success; Members can log on to for Web-based support.
Single visit activation implemented on for My Health Manager.
Ten Kaiser Permanente hospitals complete with KP HealthConnect electronic health records.
Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality turns to Kaiser Permanente's electronic medical records for heart disease prevention and management study.
KP HealthConnect Oncology module launched.
Seventh and eighth hospital go-live. Antioch Medical Center opened as the first newly constructed KP hospital built without a medical records room.
My Health Manager debuted on More than 1.7 million members have activated their personal health record.
Eighth region (Ohio) launched personal health record features.
Sixth hospital goes live.
Southern California completes outpatient electronic medical record deployment.
Fifth hospital goes live.
Kaiser Permanente of Colorado connects teens online with their doctors.
Third and fourth hospitals go live with clinical documentation and Computerized Physician Order Entry.
Kaiser Permanente participating in Medicare study—CMS to track use of KP HealthConnect's online personal health record.
Kaiser Permanente holds Health IT summit in Washington DC and releases national survey results.
Kaiser Permanente Northwest members go online for more convenient health care.
Complete deployment of hospital billing, ADT and pharmacy applications.
Kaiser Permanente online services are part of larger electronic health record.
Complete deployment of outpatient billing, scheduling and registration applications.
First hospital completes clinical documentation and Computerized Physician Order Entry providing service area with end-to-end implementation of all KP HealthConnect modules — outpatient, practice management, online, and inpatient (second hospital followed in a few weeks).
Kaiser Permanente Northwest parents can view some of their children's health records online.
Kaiser Permanente Georgia enables members to access medical records online and e-mail their doctor.
Outpatient electronic medical record deployment completed in six of eight regions.
Kaiser Permanente of Colorado patients able to e-mail doctor and look up portions of medical record online.
Kaiser Permanente study shows using safety alerts in electronic medical records reduces rates of potentially dangerous medication interactions.
Kaiser Permanente Web site recognized at health care Internet conference.
Kaiser Permanente Northern California turns on "E-Mail Your Doctor"
Clerk/RN Order Entry live in first hospital.
KP HealthConnect: Program Overview by Andrew M. Wiesenthal, MD, SM
Kaiser Permanente Hawaii Leads State In Offering Members Electronic Access To Health Information.
Personal health record features on launched.
Kaiser Permanente Research: Computers in exam room help patients and doctors communicate.
New Spanish Web site launched for bilinguals on
Final region joined “Collaborative Build” — creating the first common, enterprisewide clinical and administrative platform for Kaiser Permanente.
Kaiser Permanente Automated Computer System Gathers Patient Data and Provides Advice on Prescribing.
Kaiser Permanente Web site garners three platinum awards in e-healthcare leadership competition.
System launched in all eight Kaiser Permanente regions; 18 major implementations complete.
Kaiser Permanente builds new KP HealthConnect-ready West Los Angeles hospital.
Hawaii deploys first outpatient electronic medical record.
Kaiser Health Plan and Hospitals making major investments in electronic medical records.
01/2004 updated with physician-approved health information, including health calculators, drug encyclopedia, some member secure online elements such as requesting appointments and obtaining prescription refills.
Georgia region deployed first practice management applications.
Kaiser Permanente researchers develop computerized method to predict gastrointestinal bleeding caused by nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.
Began system configuration.
Kaiser Permanente signed contract with Epic Systems.