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Clinical Excellence

January 17, 2012

InformationWeek Names Kaiser Permanente IndiGO Tool Among 10 ‘Innovative’ Clinical Support Programs

Archimedes IndiGO, Kaiser Permanente’s unique decision support tool, was recently named by InformationWeek magazine as one of the 10 innovative clinical decision support programs.

Archimedes IndiGO

The brainchild of Archimedes’ team members Don Morris, PhD, Josh Adler and David Eddy, MD, PhD, IndiGO is designed for use by patients, physicians, care managers and health coaches.

IndiGO quantifies the member’s risk of serious conditions (e.g., heart attack, stroke, cancer, onset and complications of diabetes) then prioritizes the actions the member can take to reduce their risk based on their preferences. The result is a more informed and collaborative conversation between provider and member about care options, giving the member a sense of ownership in the decision-making process. Use of IndiGO has been found to activate the patient to improve adherence, leading to better outcomes.

Jed Weissberg, MD, Kaiser Permanente senior vice president, Hospitals, Quality and Care Delivery (Weissberg also chairs the Archimedes board of directors) notes, “IndiGO represents cutting-edge approaches to risk prediction and behavior change.”

A paper detailing Kaiser Permanente’s experience with the first-of-a-kind IndiGO pilot in its Hawaii Region has been submitted for publication. Kaiser Permanente is expanding its testing and use of IndiGO in Southern California and other settings.

IndiGO’s initial deployments have been within integrated delivery networks, medical groups, independent practice associations, and patient-centered medical homes. IndiGO is also being deployed in two Office of the National Coordinator Beacon Communities in Oklahoma and western Colorado. The ONC has provided grants to these communities to demonstrate how health information technologies, including advanced analytics such as IndiGO, improve outcomes and reduce costs.

About Archimedes
Archimedes Inc. is a health care modeling organization. Its core technology — the Archimedes Model — is a clinically realistic, mathematical model of human physiology, diseases, interventions and health care systems. The model is continually validated by comparing the results of simulated trials to the results of real multi-national clinical trials and cohort studies.

Through innovations such as IndiGO and ARCHeS, Archimedes helps people understand the implications of their decisions and for the last 15 years has been relied upon to answer complex, real world questions for health plans, health systems, medical groups, pharmaceutical companies, researchers, and other organizations in the United States and Europe. Archimedes, is a subsidiary and innovation of Kaiser Permanente. For more information visit