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September 28, 2012

Kaiser Permanente and National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month

Earlier this month President Barack Obama proclaimed September 2012 as National Childhood Obesity Awareness Month, encouraging all Americans to learn about and engage in activities that promote healthy eating and greater physical activity by all our nation’s children.

The Weight of the Nation

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The rise of obesity in children and adolescents has become one of the most significant public health issues of our time. Nearly a third of American children and adolescents are overweight or obese. Those youngsters are likely to become overweight or obese adults unless they change their eating habits and begin exercising.

With its focus on preventive medicine and total health, Kaiser Permanente has many initiatives that address childhood obesity. Several videos on the Kaiser Permanente Center for Total Health blog address the topic.

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Kaiser Permanente has had a visible presence in New Orleans for the last decade, fulfilling Kaiser Permanente’s commitment to help rebuild the Gulf Coast by participating in a number of community-based recovery efforts. Earlier this year, Kaiser Permanente Gulf Coast volunteers met with Dr. DeSalvo at special event in New Orleans where volunteers built and delivered bicycles for local children.