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Press Releases: Colorado

April 6, 2007

Kaiser Permanente Submits Plan for Universal Health Care Coverage

DENVER – Kaiser Permanente Colorado has developed a plan for universal health care coverage of all Coloradans and has presented it to the Colorado Commission on Healthcare Reform.

The Kaiser Permanente Universal Coverage Proposal demonstrates the non-profit health planís commitment to improving the health of our community. About 17 percent of Coloradans do not have health coverage. Studies show the uninsured receive less health care and experience worse results. Kaiser Permanente Colorado believes that any state program should ensure quality of care and service, make health care more affordable, and improve value.

Highlights of the Kaiser Permanente proposal:

  • Phases in universal coverage for all Coloradans. It first improves the efficiency and increases the reach of Child Health Plan Plus and Medicaid. It then phases universal coverage by age group, beginning with children under 18 and adding successive age groups as funds become available.
  • Calls for improvements in the health care system to reduce duplication, reduce errors, take better care of people with chronic conditions, encourage healthy lifestyles, follow the latest evidence on treatment, and expand use of electronic medical records.
  • Requires every Coloradan to have his or her own personal physician so that care is proactive and coordinated.
  • Requires health plans to measure and report their quality and service numbers.
  • To pay for the program, new investments must come from businesses, taxpayers, and/or individuals.

"Supporting the goal of achieving universal health care coverage is the first step," said Donna Lynne, DrPH, Kaiser Permanente Colorado regional president. "Our proposal to the Commission on Healthcare Reform hopefully will serve as an invitation for others to work toward a real, viable solution, allowing Colorado to join only a handful of others leading the country in solving the problems of the uninsured."

The Commission will review as many as 30 submissions and then will select three to five proposals that will undergo a detailed, analysis. The Commission then will create a formal health care reform proposal and present it to Colorado lawmakers.

About Kaiser Permanente Colorado
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