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Medical-Dental Integration

We Explore the Links Between Medicine and Dentistry.

Medical Dental IntegrationThere is an emerging body of evidence linking chronic oral infections with overall systemic health. PDA dentists have unique opportunities to participate in practice-based clinical research studies and pilot projects that explore and verify the connections between medicine and dentistry. Six of our dental offices share a building or campus with Kaiser Permanente medical offices.

The internationally recognized Kaiser Center for Health Research uniquely positions our group to realize the potential for integrating medicine and dentistry. We have two ongoing pilot studies to analyze and quantify this linkage. We believe "the smile is connected to the body" and that with a parallel medical program, we are uniquely positioned to integrate medical and dental care. We share information on the health status of our patients that have both medical and dental coverage. We are dedicated to a group practice in which integrated care is the preferred model. We recognize that patients see their dentist and hygienist more often then their physician. This provides us the opportunity to be the extender of primary care by providing a common message of prevention. Examples include:

  • Immunization update: referral of an adolescent to medical if immunizations are not up to date.
  • Tobacco Cessation: ask, advise and assist in the referral of patients to cessation resources.
  • Hypertension/Pre-Hypertension: referral to medical to incorporate lifestyle changes to lower blood pressure.

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