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Dentist Compensation
Dentist Compensation

Competitive salary
The salary structure is established by the Board of Directors and is based on evaluation of nationwide group-practice analysis, ADA data, and local market conditions. These sources are constantly being reviewed to maintain a competitive and attractive compensation package.

In addition to a base salary, dentists have the potential of earning additional income on a quarterly basis. "Variable Base Pay" is based on the accomplishment of goals set by the dentists themselves.

PDA offers an extremely comprehensive medical and dental insurance package with almost no out-of-pocket cost to the employee. A major medical supplement is also included for anything that requires care outside of a Kaiser Permanente facility. Generous life insurance and professional liability insurance policies are provided as well. Upon joining, you may purchase a short- and long-term disability package, which will be provided upon election to shareholder position.

Retirement plans
PDA's retirement plans are unique among dental practices. Dentists' long term financial security is of utmost importance and is addressed by a generous 401K employer-paid benefit.

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