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Becoming a Shareholder

PDA is unique in that it rewards associates who demonstrate leadership, professionalism, dedication and a commitment to high standards by inviting them to become shareholders in the business.  Stepping from the role of an associate into the role of a shareholder requires a shift in perspective from that of an employee to that of an owner. PDA seeks individuals who actively participate in strengthening the group practice, who think strategically about the issues facing PDA, and who constantly look for new ways to contribute to PDA’s success.

Right to Vote

Once a dentist becomes a shareholder they receive the “right to vote” on certain issues set forth in the bylaws of PDA, including the right to elect future shareholders.  A shareholder also receives the right to elect members of the Board of Directors as well as run for a position on the Board.


In addition to sharing in the profits of the business, once a dentist becomes a shareholder there is an increase in salary and benefits.


Dentists often experience a greater sense of commitment to PDA and a stronger sense of belonging to the group once they become PDA shareholders.


Shareholders have a sense of ownership in the organization and are expected to participate actively in the business by assuming leadership roles as the need arises within the dental office and on the corporate level, serving on committees or as a lead dentist in the dental office.


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