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PTO and Flex Schedules

Paid Time Off
Family at BeachPDA knows you have a life outside of your dental practice and that rest and relaxation are very important.

That is why dentists receive a generous number of days of Paid Time Off each year. Associate Dentists in their first year receive approximately 4.5 weeks of Paid Time Off. Shareholder Dentists in their first year receive 6.5 weeks of PTO.

Flexible Schedules
Most PDA Dentists work only four 9-hour days per week, so full-time is 36 hours per week. PDA also offers flexible schedules to those who want to spread their 36 hours across more than four days.

Minimal On Call
PDA respects your right to have time off and really get away from it all. That is why PDA dentists are on call less than one week per year.

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